About Brick By Brick

As an elementary educator, I value and believe in the power of play.

Play is a natural practice for children and is accessible long before language skills develop. Children learn about and process life through play; creating and building with Lego bricks assist in that exploration.

Our selected Lego projects and accompanying lessons bring abstract concepts to life through tangible, hands-on activities. Building and playing with Lego bricks help children develop cognitive skills and learn concepts like size and shape, quantity, order and pattern. Structural building with Legos stimulates critical thinking and encourages creative problem solving.

Children have a natural desire to investigate and discover; play encourages further inquiry.


A LEGO baseball player with bat in hand, stands on the home plate of a baseball field.

A pile of Legos on the floor of a STEM learning classroom.

What we do

  • After-school Enrichment
  • Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camps