To Rent or To Buy?

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Coming to a 2019 summer camp near you!
Coming to a 2019 summer camp near you!

When did renting Legos become a thing?

Answer: approximately 3 years ago. A California company dubbed “the Netflix of Legos” launched it’s e-commerce site in 2015. Several other competitors have since followed. Each company has a different subscription model with varying price points based on the number of Lego sets you wish to rent and the frequency with which you want to receive shipments.

The following summarizes the attractive reasons to rent from the four sites I visited:

  • renting allows you to try before you buy;
  • renting new Legos inspires kids to play with toys rather than devices;
  • renting allows you to “swap out” the set when your child is bored;
  • renting is less expensive than buying; and, and,
  • renting reduces landfills of discarded toys.

To be clear, I have not been financially compensated by, nor am I endorsing any of these companies. However, under the right circumstances, I do think renting may be a good option. Please read the available online reviews to make an informed decision prior to any purchases. (based in UK)