One Final Look Back

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While I love the crisp days and cool nights denoted by fall’s arrival, I can’t resist one final look back at summer and the amazing week-long Lego camps we facilitated.

Regardless of the where the camp was hosted, each had a similar daily structure:

  • both individual and collaborative (or team) Lego builds
  • daily opportunities for creative, free building time
  • Lego challenges: build your favorite food with < 25 bricks
  • snack, lunch and outside playground times

9:00am: the free build pile of Legos

1:00pm: the free build pile of Legos

The weekly theme sets each camp apart.

At Falmouth Lego Camp, we braved blizzards and fended off polar bears during our Arctic Expedition.

Example of free building creations:

Examples of a challenge:

In less than 5 minutes, build a food.
Lego Carrot!

Lego Apple!

In Cumberland Lego Camp, we set off on a Jungle Exploration.

Free building time in Cumberland.